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Benefits Of Laravel Framework

Laravel framework, an open source PHP-based framework has become extremely popular and its popularity grows each year. It provides an infrastructure for the development of web applications, from small to large-scale enterprise systems. Laravel framework is based on MVC pattern, which saves a lot of development time and budget.

Startups should definitely consider Laravel as the platform for their business solution. In terms of limited budget and time, when user experience and product must be ideal, Laravel will be the best choice. Here are the main features of this framework:

  1. Laravel is easy to learn and use. It is based on PHP, which is a popular server-side scripting language. Besides, Laravel has a huge active community and detailed documentation. It won't be an issue to find experts who have significant experience with Laravel.
  2. Laravel is an open source platform. It has a lot of out-of-box functions that are already available and the framework is being actively developed.
  3. The infrastructure of Laravel is improving. It has a promising future.
  4. A lot of vital features are built-in. Adoption of new features continues.
  5. Detailed documentation. Coding and commenting are developer friendly.
  6. Migrations. New developers who join existing project will easily jump in with the help of migration for the database.
  7. Seeding in the database. This is a very useful feature for testing web services or API, it helps developers create test data in the database.
  8. Blade template engine. A rich template engine designed for Laravel has a lot of advanced options for easy work on front-end.
  9. Laravel Elixir for Gulp tasks is a clean and flexible API for web application development. It supports CSS and Javascript.