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Why Laravel Framework Is Good For Businesses

Why Laravel Framework Is Good For Businesses

When planning a custom web application development one of the earliest decisions is the selection of the technical stack. Making the right decision is the pledge of future successful project growth. No matter if you plan a small web application or a large-scale system with high load, you should consider using a PHP framework.

A framework is a platform that is served to build a project or custom web application. The framework defines the structure of the project and facilitates combining components into a single system. During the development process, generic framework functionality is supplemented with custom code in order to deliver desired functionality and meet the customer’s needs. What are the advantages of using framework over building a custom system from scratch?

  1. Using framework for custom web application development saves development time and budget. A lot of vital functions are provided out-of-box and your team does not need to spend time on building them. When you are ready to make your project more enhanced a lot of features will be available, you just need to integrate them.
  2. The project will be easy to support and maintain. Popular frameworks have detailed documentation and active community so new developers will jump into the project easily at any development stage without spending much time on learning existing code.
  3. Your project will be based on a scalable code, easy to understand. Much effort has been spent on making framework clean and reusable. This forces the team to continue writing consistent and clear code.
  4. Security will be provided in an out-of-box package. Moreover, due to heavy support, vulnerabilities in popular frameworks are detected and fixed very quickly.
  5. Testing and debugging will be easier than in custom code.

Among the most popular PHP frameworks for custom web application development, the highest position is occupied by Laravel. This PHP-based open source framework has become a choice of millions during recent years due to its incredible performance, scalability, and reliability. The first version released in 2011, Laravel became the most popular PHP framework of 2017.

What are the reasons for its growing popularity? In addition to advantages that are common for all frameworks, Laravel has its own attractive features:

  • MVC support and detailed documentation.
  • High level of modularity. Laravel components are easy to re-combine and separate within the application.
  • Authentication. This is one of the most important parts of web application and Laravel makes implementation of authentication very simple.
  • Routing. With Laravel the routing is easy and flexible.
  • Artisan command line. This is a built-in tool, which automates a lot of routine work, saving development time.
  • Unit testing support. Laravel is friendly towards unit testing integration. PHPUnit is included into the framework.
  • Powerful template engine. Blade is a powerful and easy-to-use template, which is available out of the box.
  • Built-in pagination. Developers no longer need to implement pagination manually, there are automated methods available in the last version of the framework.