Native lazy loading is coming

Native lazy loading has been announced as an upcoming feature for Chromium 75. Why is this a good news and why is native lazy load better than Javascript-based solutions? Generally, lazy loading feature is designed to improve the speed of page loading on websites and web applications, by speeding up load of elements that are…


Bulma, fast and lightweight

Our team is closely watching all new frameworks for frontend and backend. We select the most attractive and advanced solutions to use in our projects for the benefit of our customers. Bulma framework is new and really attractive frontend framework, and we strongly recommend it.

Wink – a Laravel-Based Writing Platform

Wink is designed to create content in wiki style. Wink will run on top of any Laravel-Based application. It uses an individual authentication and connection to database so no updates of existing code will be needed. Wink is installed with the help of Composer: composer require writingink/wink After that use the following command: php artisan…

scraping with laravel

Scraping With Laravel

Our customers often ask us what solutions are the best for scraping. Our team has huge experience in this area. We built a lot of scrapers, from simple scripts for one-time scraping to scraping engines that use proxies to scrape with max speed. For scraping scripts we use PHP-based solutions and Python-based solutions depending upon…

Why Laravel

Why Laravel Framework Is Good For Businesses

When planning a custom web application development one of the earliest decisions is the selection of the technical stack. Making the right decision is the pledge of future successful project growth. No matter if you plan a small web application or a large-scale system with high load, you should consider using a PHP framework. A…


Benefits of Laravel framework

Laravel framework, an open source PHP-based framework has become extremely popular and its popularity grows each year. It provides an infrastructure for the development of web applications, from small to large-scale enterprise systems. Laravel framework is based on MVC pattern, which saves a lot of development time and budget. Startups should definitely consider Laravel as…