Chromium-based Edge browser released

In December 2018 Microsoft officially confirmed that Edge browser would be transferred to Chromium engine. Public testing of Chrome by Microsoft started in April and a week ago Microsoft Edge based on Chromium was officially introduced to public.


Flash will be disabled by default in major browsers

Google is going to disable Flash by default starting from Chrome 76, which is planned for release for June, 2019. Thus, Flash content will no longer be played by default. This update has already been pushed to Canary branch, which will be the basis for future Chrome 76 release.


Happy Christmas!

The most charming time of the year is here finally! Congratulations to all our customers and partners who are celebrating this fairy holiday with their families and friends. We wish you the best: to always feel love and support of your beloved ones; to dream big and never regret about anything; to move forward and…

Laravel Zero 5.7 Available

The release of Laravel Zero 5.7 has been announced the last week. It represents optional installation of queues in Laravel; features humbug/box for quicker application bundling; numerous bug fixes and usability enhancements. Zero is a customized version of Laravel framework designed to build command line applications. It is based on latest version of Laravel, 5.7.…


Github acquired by Microsoft

After several weeks of rumors it is now confirmed that Microsoft corporation has acquired GitHub. Reported acquisition price was 5.7 billion USD in Microsoft stock. It is known that GitHub was valued at $2 billion in 2015. Nat Friedman, Microsoft vice president will become a new CEO of Github. According to GitHub, community consists of…


Early Access to PHPStorm 2018.2

Early Access Program for a new build of PHPStorm software, 182.2371.3, has been announced on May, 17. The build is available for download on vendor’s website. Early Access Program gives free access to pre-release software version. Users are welcome to test new features however beware that Early Access Program build is much less stable than beta…