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Data mining and data enrichment

Data is the most powerful weapon. We provide data scraping, data mining, data augmentation, and data enrichment services. We use neural net based solutions and artificial intelligence.

Data mining includes research and analysis of large data sets to find meaningful patterns and trends. It might be used for a wide range of purposes, from risk management to marketing or financial planning. The process consists of few stages: collecting data, storing data, organizing and structuring, analyzing data and presenting the results in a comprehensible format.

Data mining and data enrichment

Main features

  • processing large amounts of data
  • scraping data from multiple sources
  • filtering and cleaning up the data
  • servers and databases optimized for high load

Mining the data from various sources

Web scraping is one of our main areas of work. We have our own scraping solutions that help us scrape data from a variety of sources with the highest performance and at minimal costs. We have servers optimized for scraping and we do all server management on our side. Website scraping includes social media accounts data mining. We handle both public and protected websites. We provide scraped records in any convenient format: as the database, exported into csv or xls. On demand, we create a web application for filtering, sorting data options. On demans, we can import data into your existing database or CMS. Our team provides SQL data mining and spreadsheet data mining. We collect, clean up, filter and prepare large sets of data for analysis and study. We can handle unlimited amounts of data for large scale projects. We also know how to process large volumes of texts, for scientific or medical research. We handle not only word files but pdf files that contain text.

Effective solutions for any kind of business goals

Data mining is widely applied in customer-accented companies, like retail, commercial, financial and communications. Data mining and data enrichment technologies allow such companies define connections and relationships between inner business elements and market environment, find those factors that affect critical processes and manage these factors wisely. Important is that the results of such research is represented in a compact and easy to interpret format. Our effective data processing and management tools are designed to assist you generate higher profit, boost growth and draw new customers. We have a diversity of processing solutions, and we select those approaches that match your business needs the most.

Data enrichment

Often our clients need to collect information from various sources into a single database. Records obtained from various sources need to be matched properly. No matter if you sell the products or services, you need a bigger picture if you want to generate more sales. Moreover, you need to update the information regularly, to make sure you have a relevant snapshot of your customer’s needs. Huge amounts of data are processed at the highest speed so the performance is critical. We optimized all stages of the process to quickly add, update or merge data and provide you with the result. We help to structure and organize existing databases, by indexing the data properly and enable you use the data effectively.