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Custom marketing web applications and advertising web applications

Success comes from effective marketing. Online sales is a constantly growing share of income even for those companies that aroused and grew offline. Making services and products familiar to a huge international online community is a number one goal for companies all around the world. Marketing and online ads are crucial for any business.

Obviously, webmasters and marketers need flexible and powerful tools to automate workflows and processes. Detailed traffic and financial stats are critical for analysis and reporting. Custom marketing web application automates all essential processes and provides flexible opportunities for planning, analysis and effective prediction. Detailed reports and statistics are a pledge for financial success.

Custom Laravel marketing applications

Main features

  • huge experience in building ad applications
  • full-circle development
  • flexible custom dashboard
  • post-production support and detailed documentations

Custom web applications for marketing and advertising

This is not a secret that measuring and targeting are crucial for successful advertising. Marketing tools are designed to help you improve your product’s or services’ digital experience. Performance, analysis, planning costs and incomes, and much more can be automated and further optimized with the help of custom marketing tools. Our team has a huge experience in building smart advertising web applications that help you run your workflow smoothly and efficiently, including creation of campaigns, adding and using delivery channels, managing customers and finance and building detailed reports on performance, engagement, profitability. We create smart flexible admin dashboards designed specifically for your business needs. We have already existing solutions that we can reuse to save effort, time and costs needed to build the project. There are a lot of marketing tools on the market helping automate the processes partly but we can build you all-in-one solution that will cover all your needs.

Automate creation of advertising campaigns

Different advertising channels have different requirements as for content, format and size of the ads. We have experience in development of a simple and user-friendly interface, which allows creation of ads for multiple channels. From in-app push notifications to marketing emails, the tool for building custom ads will help you create and edit your ads quickly and efficiently. Your advertising campaigns may include one or multiple ads, sent subsequently or depending upon specific conditions that you set within the campaign settings. You might want to create alternative variants for A/B testing or send different ads based on channel or audience. Copying or moving ads between ad campaigns is also quite a useful option.

Set the campaign rules and your custom schedule

Flexibility and the possibility to quickly choose among options is a cornerstone of a successful advertising campaign. It might might quite challenging and time-consuming to work out and then implement complex step-by-step advertising campaigns, and our marketing automation tools will help you save time and money. From our experience, the most effective solution is to implement an option to create custom rules, which trigger specific action within your advertising campaign. Such workflow will allow your campaign run non-stop without your extra effort. We can implement rules for selecting a part of the audience, for selecting a specific ad or promotion, for firing your ad on a specific time or date, repeat it under certain conditions and many many others.

Manage your channels and audience

You might want to run an advertising campaign through multiple channels. In such case it will be quite useful for you to measure and compare engagement, costs and results. With custom automation marketing tools you will be able to manage all channels within a single campaign, and even combine multiple channels if you need that. Also, setting up the audience correctly is very important. We can add a lot of options to make the audience selection as precise as possible, with age, gender, interests, location, hobbies in options, and also much more. Testing the ads against various audience groups will be useful, too.

Get detailed reports and stats

Effective planning is not possible without effective measuring. Getting detailed statistics in a real time is important for quick reaction and flexibility. Detailed dashboard in your custom ad application will show you the data that you need to keep an eye on. Graphs and charts help evaluate the results of campaigns, calculate costs and profit. We can implement stats for any kind of data, with sorting and filtering options. Those reports that you want regularly will be available in the admin dashboard of your marketing app at any moment. More reports can be generated on demand and be available for viewing or for export, according to your needs. In case the application will be used not only by owner and managers but also by other team members you might consider to include user roles with custom permissions for each role.