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Medical practice management systems

It has never been so easy to switch to paperless practice with custom medical web application. Get instant access to your patients’ records from your tablet, phone or laptop.

Privacy and security are the cornerstones of modern healthcare systems. Keeping records in a protected cloud storage with limited permissions and detailed access logs makes sensitive information secured as never before. We have experience in implementing GDPR compliant and HIPAA compliant web applications. We have developed social networking platforms for medical doctors, too.

Custom Laravel medical applications

Main features

  • privacy and security
  • cloud solution with regular backups
  • instant access to necessary records
  • easy to use interface

Conversion of paper documents into digital format

Medical offices handle a huge paper flow on a daily basis. A lot of offices scan documents in order to store and backup them online but this is a lot of extra effort and time. We suggest switching to paperless flow fully and completely, creating and editing all practice documents online, in a protected and secure web application, backed up and encrypted. Built once, custom practice management system eliminates time consuming scanning and cuts printing costs, increasing the productivity of your staff members. Practice documents and patient records are available from any device and at any moment, in the office or at home, 24 hours a day, you only need your internet connection.

Store sensitive information in a protected environment

GDPR and HIPAA compliance are much more easily reached in case you manage your practice through a custom medical web application protected against unauthorized access. You set permissions for your staff members; all actions in the system including opening the document are logged, tracking full document access history. Web application provides a lot of flexible protection options, from encrypted connection to custom user roles, which help restrict access to sensitive information. On demand, all documents and records can be stored in the secured cloud storage with automatic backups, which give you no chance of losing data.

Make your workflow completely digital

Have you ever considered an option to move online all the steps of your daily practice workflow? An online form to book visits from home, online check-in, filling an online patient form, adding notes by doctor during patients’ visits and many other options can be implemented in your custom practice management web application. Use the medical web application from multiple devices and enjoy all benefits of online workflow. No delays, all information becomes available immediately. You will have access from desktop or mobile phone from anywhere. Patients may save time by completing forms and surveys from home and come right in time for seeing the doctor. Integrations with 3rd party systems is also possible.