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SEO services

Is it important for your company to rank in Google search? Do you want to attract more customers and get more sales? SEO is extremely important for any company that is selling services or goods, especially in a highly competitive internet market.

Individual approach in SEO is critical since no project is the same. Your business needs solutions that will meet your marketing and business goals. We provide technical SEO services, content SEO or digital marketing. With us you may be confident that all target zones will be covered. We are working to achieve the best results, and meet our clients’ expectations with our personalized approach.

Technical SEO and content optimization

Main features

  • many years of experience
  • technical SEO
  • content SEO
  • performance optimization

Technical SEO

Clean code, proper url structure and optimized performance are extremely important for high ranking in search engines. A lot of webmasters pay much attention to content optimization and completely ignore technical aspects of site building. As a team of huge experience in web development, we know how to make your website technically flawless, and you would not believe how impressive the results can be. In our experience, there were websites that impressively increased the ranking positions in Google just after technical cleanup and optimization, with no additional solutions. In addition to improvement of your site positions in search engines, you will have improved user experience and overall performance. We suggest starting SEO with a technical audit of your webpage, without fixing technical issues no content solutions will work. Page performance is one of the most important factors for high ranking in search engines. You need to have your website optimized in order not to distract visitors who are likely to leave slow webpages to find more quick competitors and also for Google.

Content optimization

Easy to read and relevant content is crucial for user experience as well as for high ranking in search engines. Starting from meta tags and up to your blog posts, content matters. Giving useful information to users, explaining important aspects of your business, sharing news or success stories make your webpage interesting for people and for Google. Regular updates of your website encourage people to come back and attract more visitors. Of course, content optimization requires a system approach. Targeting the audience, making up a list of keywords that are relevant to your business goals, setting up the priorities and other tasks related to content optimization require relevant experience, which we are proud to use when working with you.

Smart SEO strategies

Successful SEO campaign must include a combination of various strategies. Keyphrase and keyword research and selection; predictive analysis of keywords; meta content writing and optimization; audit of information structure; creation of sitemap.xml and of robots.txt file; web server analysis, optimization of mobile version, website usability audit and optimization; audit of link redirects and error pages; internal and external linking optimization; and much more services are provided by our team as a part of custom SEO campaigns.