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Fully customized ad tracking application

Control over traffic is critical for webmasters. We build custom tracking systems and fully automated solutions for domain management. We provide you with powerful solutions optimized for high load and excellent performance.

Get detailed information about your traffic and income with our custom traffic tracking applications. We build systems designed specifically for your advertising needs. Collecting campaign data, flexible testing, tracking conversions, detailed stats and much more. Ad tracker gives you detailed information about traffic, helps you optimize costs and plan your ad campaigns wisely.

Custom PHP tracking applications

Main features

  • experience in building custom ad trackers
  • protected development servers optimized for high load
  • the highest possible performance
  • detailed reports and statistics

Custom ad tracker on Laravel

If you have already selected a platform for your custom ad tracker application we will be happy to implement. In other cases we suggest building the application on Laravel framework. We have had excellent results in scalability and flexibility of the custom systems built on Laravel. One of our custom ad trackers handled millions of records per day. At the same time, it was critical to make reports and stats work smoothly and provide data in real time. With Laravel we reached desired results, delivering data on time. Fast reaction is critical for the digital advertising industry, and maximum performance optimization is one of our important goals when building a custom ad tracker.

Integration with automated domain registration

Another important goal of advertising campaigns is getting as many traffic sources as possible. One of our solutions was automated cloning of landing pages and assigning domains to them, which replaced a large amount of manual work initially done by client’s team members. Automation of routine processes allows you free your precious time for more sophisticated tasks, for planning, for analysis and for new projects. The automation tool is integrated with APIs of a few large domain registrars, and the domains are purchased according to a set of rules, pre-defined by the client in web application admin interface.

Implementing your ideas into real effective solutions

Our experienced team of engineers transforms engaging visual ideas to reality through custom web development. We implement a full package of services, from creating technical documentation and planning your project to implementation and testing. Either you want to use a custom design or you want to go a simpler and faster way with ready templates, we will be happy to help. For those systems that require an enhanced admin interface we usually suggest to go with Metronic or another similar template. We will eagerly help you with picking up a template for your website in case you don’t have any custom design. If you do have your own design solution, we guarantee that we will implement it using the latest technologies, from simple layout to fancy animation or motion elements. We offer effective services to provide maximum alignment of your web application and your marketing goals. From planning phase, to exclusive seamless functionality of the completed web application, our dedicated team makes you happy.