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Hire Developers From Ukraine

Due to significant costs of software development in popular, recognized and wealthy IT spots, outsourcing, or hiring an offshore team, has become not just an option but a necessity. Another important aspect is that the demand for engineering services is extremely high, and is not likely to decrease in the near future. This is why for startups and small companies hiring an offshore team is a great way to cut spendings and remain competitive in a changing market, pushed by larger companies and well-heeled competitors. When you hire developers from Ukraine, one of the most attractive players at that ground, savings may rise up to 50% compared to spends on development in Europe and the USA.

Why Laravel Framework Is Good For Businesses

When planning a custom web application development one of the earliest decisions is the selection of the technical stack. Making the right decision is the pledge of future successful project growth. No matter if you plan a small web application or a large-scale system with high load, you should consider using a PHP framework. The framework defines the structure of the project and facilitates combining components into a single system. During the development process, generic framework functionality is supplemented with custom code in order to deliver desired functionality and meet the customer’s needs.

Why Version Control System Is Needed

Revision or Version Control Systems is software designed specifically to facilitate management of changing information. Version control systems allow storage of multiple versions of the same file, provide access to earlier versions in case of necessity, track information about all file’s authors and record changes made by them. Version or revision control systems provide developers with a centralized repository, for storage of files, documents and other project-related information. Data in a repository are is usually stored as files.

Benefits Of Laravel Framework

Laravel framework, an open source PHP-based framework has become extremely popular and its popularity grows each year. It provides an infrastructure for the development of web applications, from small to large-scale enterprise systems. Laravel framework is based on MVC pattern, which saves a lot of development time and budget. Startups should definitely consider Laravel as the platform for their business solution. In terms of limited budget and time, when user experience and product must be ideal, Laravel will be the best choice.

When Agile Won't Work

Obviously, agile works the best in smaller projects, provided that all agile principles are respected. Due to proper usage of user stories, understanding between the customer and the team is easily reached. For customer, it takes less time to set up priorities, explain goals, make corrections. Developers have better understanding of client’s needs. Moreover, the gap between the expectations and the result is smaller due to short iterations, which allows easily adjust the process and avoid misunderstandings. However, using agile approach is not absolutely reasonable in all cases.

5 Ways To Secure Your Server

When setting up secure environment for your business application safety is one of primary concerns. Specific security needs depend upon infrastructure but there are some common security measures that are considered to be the best universal solutions. In this blog post we briefly describe each of these measures and explain how to implement them. You may use it as a check list on a ready website or using as a guideline while releasing a brand new application.

Agile Project Tracking And Methodology

For agile-based projects, as well as projects based upon the traditional waterfall approach, the primary objective is to build and deliver the product. However, there are certain differences between agile methodology and traditional software development, namely, a focus on the requirements of the highest level, time needed for producing the requirements and documentation and, describing the project scope. With an emphasis on these important elements, agile-based projects requires advanced documentation software tools. The high level requirements are formulated in user stories and then represented in a release plan.

Scrum vs Kanban

Agile development methodology has been developing rapidly over the last several years. Accordingly, with the growing body of agile philosophy and awareness it has become evident that various approaches exist within the agile development concept, and there are different methods of applying the agile philosophy. Advantages of the most popular agile development approaches have become the subject of discussions recently, giving the audience a more clear view on how to apply agile methodology in practice. There are two popular approaches, Scrum and Kanban. To decide which approach is the best it’s necessary to briefly observe each approach’s differences.

Scraping With Laravel

Our customers often ask us what solutions are the best for scraping. Our team has huge experience in this area. We built a lot of scrapers, from simple scripts for one-time scraping to scraping engines that use proxies to scrape with max speed. For scraping scripts we use PHP-based solutions and Python-based solutions depending upon each particular case. But what if project requires to build scraper as a part of web application, what technical stack do we recommend? Of course, Laravel. Scraping with Laravel is easy and effective.