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Business presence websites on Wordpress CMS

With 75 mln websites based on Wordpress, it remains one of the most popular and accessible CMS for all kinds of websites. We have had experience working with WP for almost ten years.

Having started as a blog platform, Wordpress has extended to an advanced platform with huge community and powerful options for any kind of website. Business presence websites, ecommerce, educational portals, membership sites, portfolio, gallery, job board or forum, non-profit organization websites, knowledgebase directories and other types of websites are based on Wordpress today. Why not add one more successful project to this huge and growing community?

Custom Wordpress websites and plugins

Main features

  • thousands of optimized design templates
  • thousands of ready solutions that save time
  • you can edit content by yourself easily
  • easy and cheap support

You can control site all by yourself

One of the most convenient features of Wordpress CMS is that you don’t need any developers help after initial development is finished. Wordpress has a user friendly admin interface where you can manage site functionality and edit content easily whenever you want to. No programming skills needed, and it takes minimum time to get familiar how to use it. Either you select to go with a custom design template or you use a ready template, editing your website won’t require much effort. And this is not just about content, creating new pages or posts, or other types of content. You can even extend your website functionality. There are lots of ready plugins that may be useful in case you want to add something new. You might need a developer’s help only if you want to enrich existing functionality with some custom advanced features.

A custom theme or a ready template

There is a huge selection of ready design templates for Wordpress, with built-in options, designed for specific industry or niche. You can pick up a template, which will already have those functions that you want to have on your website and thus save a lot of time and effort on development. Yes, your website design won’t be unique but you will obtain a ready site much quicker, it will cost less. Besides, ready templates are already cross-browser tested and mobile optimized, so you don’t need to care about that. Popular and advanced templates give you a choice of various layouts and color schemes so even if you already have custom brand style you can match it easily. Of course, even ready templates and plugins can be customized if you need. If you want to go with custom design, this will be a longer and more expensive solution but you will have a completely custom and unique website. In addition to design, you may obtain any custom admin option that you wish.